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Related article: Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 11:14:33 +0000 From: Jake Audio Subject: FFM = Fat For Me! - Pt 2 Girl Pleased and Uncle Sees!This story is in no way real, just a nice piece of fiction! Hope it's up to Par!FFM == Fat For Me! - Pt 2 Girl Please and Uncle Sees!Billy Brighton here again, sorry I didn't tell you much about myself. I am 15-year-old scrawny brown haired 5' 3" kid, don't know if I'll grow much more. My parents were both just 5' 5". They had been the fattest people when I was only 11. Even at that age fat women gave me erections and I didn't understand it. I have very little body hair, thou my dad had some and a nice beard when he didn't shave. I was hopeful at least I'd grow a beard like him. Right now all I got is a small tuff of hair around my penis. O Well, My Uncle Troy and cousin Troy Jr. had enough hair for anyone, that's why I couldn't keep my hands off Jr.Uncle Troy was 6' 1" and Troy whom I call Jr. all the time was about 5' 11" both the bulks of my life. I love them both. I hope to find out soon if he's into skinny boys like me.I think I was in love with them but I'm not sure that's what it really was or still is today. I sure love being with them and him and having sex with Troy Jr.; though our solo act was going to change today.It was now October and both Jr. and I were well into the spirit of Halloween. We had tried about 10 different kinds of costumes we make. We finally decided on a pumpkin and a string bean. We thought the vegetable thyme was cool. Guess who the string bean was, well it wasn't Jr. Tuesday the day of candy collecting we showed up dressed in our costumes. So did everyone else, kind of long standing custom I guess.We were in the same year in school year because Jr. had messed up his freshman year because he missed one month of school and got bad grades the rest of the year. This day we were lolita fre mpeg schoolgirl minding our own business when Helen noticed us. We were in the hallway on the way to math. She was 15 due to turn 16 in two months. She looked at us both and smiled. We both smiled and knew that her outfit that looked like a fairy princes seemed right. "Nice outfit, Did you just pop a boner?" "Yeah very nice, I sure did, did you?" "O yah. Who was that?" "I don't know, but she forbidden lolita boy links looked like a real princes to me." "O Yah!"Our next class was English and Mr. Jones introduced a new student Helen Rudd. Both of the boys muttered her name and then looked at each other. "We've got to meet her." "We will." She was 5' 6" and very sweet looking with Brown hair. It went down to her waist. She had a little bit of fat around the middle but not chubby like Jr. She wore just the right amount of makeup to make her beautiful and sweet when she smiled.That night at home, Helen was the conversation during sex. How could they get her to make it with them?The next day during ay lunch we went over to the table where she was eating and joined her. She was wearing a nice jean skirt that stopped at the knee and a white blouse with a soft pink sweater over it. It was fall after all. "I'm--I'm Troy, this is my cousin Troy. I young lolita gallery mean I Billy and this is my cousin Troy Jr." "Nice to meet you both. Does he talk?" Asked Helen. Jr. just stared at her. "Let us know if you need help with anything. Whatever subjects you might need help on myself or Jr. can help." "Love."The boys didn't know what say; they forbidden lolita boy links just sat there, and stared more. Jr. was afraid he'd drool all over himself is he said a word; while Billy knew he was in trouble if he said what he was thinking. Still it popped out. "We can...Help you with that too..." "Perhaps you can. After school outside by the flag today; please meet me."Both boys' feet didn't touch the ground as they finish school that day. As school ended they found their way to the flagpole out front of the school. There was the goddess waiting for them. She even held her large backpack like a goddess. "Well, you teen nn lolita art boys will get teen nn lolita art a chance to prove you skills today. Lead the way to your house."It took 10 minutes to walk the few blocks to the house. Helen and Billy had a nice conversation all the way home. Jr. just followed like a sheepish puppy. "So why did move here." "My dad was a drunk and died a month ago." "I understand that I lost my parents a few months ago." "Both of them?" "Yes." "Well there was no loss when my dad passed. He used to beat my mom a lot. We moved here to get away from everyone who knew us. I don't understand it all. But I like you both. I glad we moved. I feel were going to be good friends."When they got in the house Billy told Jr. to get them cokes to drink. They sat and talk a while. Then the one thing that both boys wanted to talk about came up. "So how sexual are you boys?"There was a long pause. "Some what. Why do you ask?" Inquired Billy. "Well you said that you could help me with Love. I want to know if it's true? I can see by the erections you both have that you are excited by my question. A lot of guys aren't interested in me because I not real thin like most girls." "We both liked you yesterday when you smiled at us." "What part?" "Your smile is to die for."She smiled the same way as the day before. Then she did something bold. She pulled her brown mousy hair back and removed her nice pink sweater and let it fall to the floor. She smiled again and both boys saw a gleam in her brown eyes. Then she opened her blouse exposing a white bra. She didn't stop there; she pulled that off and out pop two perfect milky white breasts. They were slightly whiter then the rest of her and larger than the average girl. The nipples were firm. "Come over here boys I know you both want to suck on my babies here." Both boys were like honey to a fly as they each took one in a hand and started to suck on them. It had the girl feeling really turned on quickly. "Wow you both are doing a nice job. Keep that up and you'll be plowing me with you erections."Helen grabbed the boys' heads and held them gently and gave them words of encouragement. "O yes. Work them good." Both boys' pants were wet from their dick leaking pre-cum. "Ok who's room are we going to use?" "Mine will be good. It's a double bed." Said Billy.Billy grabbed both Helen and Jr. by the hands and led all the way to his room. Jr. quickly locked the door behind them all.Helen dropped her skirt and underwear on the floor and lay on the bed. Billy had already pulled back the sheet and blanket. It was clear what she wanted. "Ok boys I going to lay and watch the show. You two get on the bed and show me how you fool around." "What fkk model preteens lola make you think we fool around?" Asked Billy. "What do you want to see?" Asked Jr. "I want to see you two go at it and I lay here and watch."The boys disrobed; not sure if this was the way it should play out. Helen's eyes were wide on both of them. Jr. got on the bed and Billy lay next to him and started to kiss his cousin with a passion that drop Helen jaw. Billy then got on top of Jr. and continued the make out process. They were kissing and rubbing their bodies to get. Their penises were rubbing together. And despite the fact that Jr. was taller he moved around till they really loving the feelings.Helen was just so excited. She had her hands between her legs. "Ok boys I seen enough; I want in on the action."Both went for her and were quickly licking her clitoris and her vagina she was begging for someone to plow her good. The boys stopped for a minute to kiss each other. Helen sat up and joined them in a three-way kiss.It was soon a sea of lips and toughs; Jr. just pulled back and watched his best friend and cousin work a passionate kiss with the girl. He had taught Jr. everything he knew about pleasing a woman. Billy gave a quick glance over at Jr. "You ride her first Billy. I know you've been wanting to pound a girl for a while." "That doesn't mean I don't love you ass." Billy looked over at Helen "Sorry, I don't talk that way around a lady." "Nothing preeteen lolitas bbs board to be sorry about. Jr. does have a good ass. How many time have to plowed it?" "I lost count. A couple of times a day for about a month. So 60 or more." "Well, I'm your first woman in how long?" "Three months. But you're a better kisser than any of my girlfriends. You're almost as good as Jr."Helen just smiled and pulled Billy towards her. They started to kiss more. Billy worked his way in between her legs. He kissed more and worked his pole into place and eased it into her. "Shit!" all three of them said. "Sorry Helen." "Me too, I sorry I didn't move here sooner. Your boys are great." Billy couldn't wait any longer he was soon in a sea of movement and moved quickly. He looked over a Jr. who was playing with his own pole. He nodded to him. Jr. come over and started to suck on one of Helen's breasts. With his free hand he started to work his best friends balls. He had licked his hand and giving them a good work over. Billy took her other breast in his mouth. She hugged both boys heads and started to pant like a dog. As Billy quickened his move of his body, Jr. looked over at it and wanted to plow it. He forced himself to hold off as he wanted to ride Helen next. It all ended quickly with a flow of light screams from Billy and Helen. Billy quickly pulled out and lay next to Helen. "Now Jr. you don't have long till her level drops." Panted Billy. "He's right a few minutes and I have to wait an hour before I can cum again." Panted Helen.Jr. remembered what his cousin had said that a male might be able to cum quickly but once a female has cum she has a short time and then it's too late for a second or third or more.He quickly positioned him self over her snatch. His pole was more than ready. "Be careful, you're bigger." He eased into her and almost passed out. It felt like the first time that Billy had ridden him. Jr. was right about the first male and first female are special.She grabbed Jr's head and kissed him deeply. Jr. was so overwhelm because he had just watch the two of them do the ride. He started to move but stopped. "It feels so good. Billy I wish you could ride my ass at the same time." "Next time time Jr." Said Helen "Move or I'll miss my second orgasm." Jr. didn't want to take it away any pleasure from this wonderful woman. He moved like a maniac and she was soon screaming his name. Billy didn't stand by and watch he work his hand between them. He pushed on her clitoris and rubbed Jr's balls. This helped bring things to a screeching halt quickly. Both of them were just yelling each other's names and even sometime Billy's.Billy helped Troy Jr. roll off the girl. She was so pleased she smiled at them both. "Gentlemen I want more, but so far if I died right now I die a happy woman." The boys started to kiss at their success of making her happy. She just smiled and grabbed at them both.Jr. managed to get up and pull her to the end of the bed and didn't need to be invited to stuff his pole into her. "OK Billy take my ass." Billy stood behind his best bud and placed his own penis into Jr. rear. He grabbed onto his arms for dear life and started the movement. Jr. was just in shock how it felt. Both of his love areas were being pleasured at the same time. "Dam, this is so hot to see you guys plowing me and each other." Screamed Helen.Billy loved it because it made the girl and the boy he loved happy. He was hoping everyone was up to one more with him in the middle.Jr. was just standing there. Helen and Billy did all the moving and he was in shock. He put his head back teen nn lolita art and shuttered excessively, never letter go of the girl. He came so hard he feel to his knees. The other were also pretty tired too. "ok Billy I need to wipe you off if you want to ride me again and have Jr. plow your ass."Billy grabbed a wet wipe from a container on the nightstand next to the bed and slowly cleaned his penis. Then he went over to Helen and she sucked on his real well. He took Jr. position and put it into to her snatch. Jr. slowly got up from the floor and placed his own penis into his cousin. He held on to Billy and tried to move. "It's ok Jr. just stand still and I do all the work." He was good to his words. He had more energy as always. He moved quickly and had both of them soon screaming his name.Down stairs Uncle Troy had noticed something odd as he came home a little early from work. He made good money and pree preteen lolita site even though they didn't live in a big city it was a nice neighborhood.There was a pink sweater of a girl's nature and a bra; Next to a feminine backpack. He knew all the clothes the boys had, and that top lolita nude art wasn't their school pack. Still were they playing dress up. Then he heard three voices upstairs. Two were males he teen sexy loli art knew, one was a sweet females that made he wonder what was going on.He snuck his way up stairs and he heard something he hadn't expected to hear. He heard His son say "Billy take my ass". Then he heard the girl say, "Dam, this is so hot to see you guys plowing me and each other."He had suspected that the boys were fooling around, but a girl at the same time and anal sex. He couldn't help himself as he moved closer to Billy's bedroom. It was one of those bedroom locks on the door. He reached his hand over the doorframe in the hallway above Billy's room. There was the flat key to open any of the bedroom locks. Again he couldn't control his actions. He unlocked the door and slowly turned the handle. He only slightly opened it just to peek in.He watched as Jr. plowed into the girl and Billy plowed his son's rear. He couldn't move his whole body was frozen ridged. He then witness as the boys changed places and Billy plowed the girl with Jr. up his rear. In total shock after witnessing this seen he let go of the doorknob. It seemed to fly open. The boys had both managed to get to the bed just as they looked up at the man of the house. "Hi dad. We can explain." "Hi Uncle, No we can't." "I could go for another. Anyone up to it." Said nude lolita beach photos Helen and then surprising looked over at Troy Sr.It a swift movement Uncle had his clothes off and plowed into the girl; she grunted and grabbed his head and kissed him. Billy did what he had wanted to for weeks. He grabbed some lube and got behind his standing Uncle and shoved his own pole into his hole. Troy Sr. grunted and kept moving. Helen was soon screaming "Yes" over and over and Uncle came quickly and his hole clamped down on Billy's penis and made him cum. Helen soon followed them both to orgasm.Uncle Troy's knees hit the floor and both boys had to help him to the bed.No one said a word for about 10 minutes; Helen was the first. "You boys sure do know about love. I'm more then ever sorry I didn't move here sooner. I've never cum that many times and never as good. I love you three."None of them said a word. ++++++Hey, young lolita gallery let me know what you think. I hope some of you are OK with girl. But she did open the way to the Uncle getting into the story.Also I'd like to know what other way should the story go? Maybe you would like to know what would happen next. I know I do. I never know what's going to happen almost till it does.Jake Audio
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